Mary Mount Secondary School, Molo, at Kariandusi

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Mary Mount Secondary SchoolJohn Mwangi of the National Museums of Kenya welcomed over 120 pupils of Mary Mount Secondary School Molo at the Kenyan archeological site at Kariandusi near Nakuru. Yang Deming and I helped out. The pupils were given a short introductory lecture by John followed by a tour of the key areas of the extensive excavation site and the knapping of Obsidian volcanic glass into small stone tools. For lunch, we slaughtered two goats, which the pupils skinned with their Obsidian tools and cut up for barbecuing.

The event was so successful, both as a learning experience for the pupils as well as an outreach activity for the Museum, that John decided to launch the "Expedition to Prehistoric Sites" programme to offer site visit opportunities to other educational, civic and corporate groups throughout the country. I'm advising him in the design and execution of the programme.