Hill of the Hyraxes

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Hyrax HillHyrax Hill archeological site complex, from whose highest point fabulous views of the city of Nakuru can be enjoyed, revealed artifacts dating back to the Neolithic period. The site complex is named after the hyrax, the cute furry mammal with a short tail looking like a rodent but actually closely related to elephants, which populate the site in great numbers. The stratigraphy suggests that the area was dominated by a lake around 8'500 years ago, extending to the base of the hill or even turning the hill into a peninsular or island. As a region of archaeological interest, the East African Archaeological Expedition of 1926 led by Louis Leakey first noted Hyrax Hill. It is one of the few locations where Sirikwa holes can be found, thought to have some kind of guardian role for men and livestock.